New to Notify My Android (NMA)?

NMA is a platform that allows you to delivery push notifications from virtually any application to your Android device. We offer a client application that runs on your Android device and a set of easy to use public APIs that can be integrated into your software.

Libraries and scripts for languages like Java/C/C++/.Net/PHP/Ruby/Python and others are available on our Development page. If you have some development skills and want to develop and publish your own library, feel free to contact us.

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Introducing, NMAmail!

All your API keys are now also an email address. Send an email to and you will receive the message as a push notification on your Android device.

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Zapier support!

Create triggers from Twitter, Github, Asana (and many others). The possibilities are endless!

Install NMA on your Android then head over to Zapier and create your Zaps.

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Android Push Notifications!

Growl Plugin for Mac now compatible with Growl 2.x!

Our Growl Plugin for Mac was updated and now supports the latest Growl 2.x. Along with new features:

- Only send notifications while the computer is idle
- Only send notifications if the screensaver is active

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Growl/Snarl support!

Growl for Windows

Growl for Mac


You can now easily forward your notifications to your Android device on both platforms! Enjoy!